Much of the early church history has been gleaned from articles from the Narracoorte Herald (later Naracoorte Herald), which have been compiled into folders by Betty Francis of Naracoorte.

The earliest mention of ‘Church of Christ’ and a ‘Christian Sunday School’ in the mid South East of SA found in the Narracoorte Herald dates back to 1876 with reference to a group at Kingston SE. A ‘Second Anniversary’ services were held on 29th September 1878 and a Sunday School picnic on the 1st October.

Reference is made to ‘Christian Disciples’ at Border Town (Bordertown) and Wolseley in the Narracoorte Herald in the late 1880’s.

A six week tent mission was held in Narracoorte in August and September 1905 with H Leng (from Kaniva) as the evangelist. H P Leng conducted another tent mission in February 1906 with the mission tent erected ‘near where the new Church of Christ chapel was being built’ (Robertson Street). The new chapel was opened on March 4th 1906. Mr A B Maston, then editor of the Australian Christian, conducted the morning service and Mr H P Leng the evening service.

The group started with 15 members and quickly grew to 65 in the first 12 months. A Sunday School picnic was held on the Sandstone Quarry Reserve in early December 1906 with around 120 people attending.

Over the intervening years associated services have been held at Frances, Wattle Grove, Edenhope (Victoria), Lochaber, Lake Roy, Padthaway, Mt Burr, Tarpeena, Mt Benson, Struan, Kingston SE, and Robe.

As the congregation grew extensions were added to the Robertson Street premises over the years until a decision was made in June 1963 to purchase a new property on Jenkins Terrace, Naracoorte. In September 1964 the Robertson Street property was sold to the Naracoorte Municipal Band along with an agreement to continue using the premises for 12 – 18 months.

The final service was held at the Robertson Street premises in August 1966, along with the opening of the Jenkins Terrace building.